People Matter Most

Relationships and people are what is most important in this world. More than money, more than fame and more than success. On the other hand, people are what make you money. So in order to be good at making money as an entrepreneur and business owner, you have to learn how to be an effective people person.

Here is a list of a few things you can do to be more of an effective people person. I retrieved this advice from a very successful entrepreneur who owns and oversees several different businesses. If you are curious as to one of the things he does, check it out here: He started it from scratch. He is the real deal. Now pay close attention. I am about to drop some knowledge on you!

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Focus On Now

How are all my fellow entrepreneurs doing out there? Wherever you are at, or whatever you are going through don’t stop pushing through. Today, I want to touch on the importance of focusing on the now. Unsuccessful people spend most of their time in the past and regard the future as an opportunity to procrastinate. This is a mindset that will kill your business and your chance of having success. To be successful, you must acquire the discipline to take massive action while others think and procrastinate.



One of my colleagues who owns a company called Buckeye Roofing Service, go check him out, taught me this and he lives by it. While many of his competitors are planning and sitting around he is out taking serious actions acquiring clients and creating new jobs for himself. He once told me, “procrastination is the thing that will break you.” When I look around and observe people who don’t have the success they want this proves to be true. It is an absolute killer.

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Be Dedicated To Continuous Learning

self improvement

What’s up my goof fellows. Before I get started, if you missed my last post, Take Massive Action, feel free to go take a look. Do you all know the importance of self improvement and continuous learning? Most people in today’s world honestly don’t. And if they do, they don’t take the time to do it. Being dedicated to improving yourself and learning something new each and everyday is a must if you want to separate yourself from average, especially as an entrepreneur. People often think learning stops after school, or after job training at works ends. Well those people are your typical Joe Shmos who probably won’t amount to anything more than an employee of the month at McDonald’s maybe one time at best (just kidding!… sort of).

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Take Massive Action!

Do you know what held me back for years in my entrepreneurial journey? It was over analyzing everything and making sure I knew how to do something perfectly before I ever actually did it. I was a great learner and studier, but I wasn’t a great doer. I was a professional at dipping my feet in the water but not at jumping head first. take massive action

After a few years of not having the big time success I had wanted, I started thinking to myself, “You know, I really don’t partake in as many productive business building, money making activities.” This goes for a ton of people out there whether you are an entrepreneur or not. For entrepreneurs though, not being productive and taking serious action in the right areas is A LOT more costly.

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Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak

Yessir, you read the title right. “Sell the sizzle not the steak.” Too many people sell their product or service and all of it’s features and logistics before selling what is important. Instead of taking this typical approach, take it one step further. Sell the benefits of a product or service and how it can change a life. If you are a social media marketing company pitching a local business, sell the fact how more people will walk through a door, how more emails requesting business will come pouring in and how the phone will ring more often all because of you.
Oh, and I don’t want to hear you are not in sales. If you are in business or have a job, you are in sales so this applies to just about everyone.
Great salesmen sell the dream.  They sell people on version 2.0 of themselves. As an entrepreneur, you need to paint a picture of what one’s life could look like they purchased your product or service. Go way beyond what everyone else is selling, and sell the dream.
You have to be the creative one and come up with the dream. Paint the picture for the business owner or the customer. They aren’t going to come up with it on their own. Be able to articulate how you can change the life of a person with what you have to offer.

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Entrepreneurs Are Always Mentally Tough

To be an entrepreneur you have to be one thing more than any other, and that is mentally tough. Having mental toughness allows people to be resilient and to push through difficult situations and times. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey I have discovered what it takes to be mentally tough. Here are some of the habits and qualities of mentally tough entrepreneurs. If you have any questions regarding the following please reach out!

mentally tough

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What Got Me Hooked

As I said in my little get to know me page, I am crazy in love with Entrepreneurship. It is my passion.

Before I post articles and information that you can apply to your journeys, I want to share with you how I became motivated and driven entrepreneur. Those of you who like the idea of running your own show, but aren’t sure yet if the pros outweigh the cons, this is for you.

Here is a list of the things that appealed to me about being an entrepreneur:

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